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“Added sensitivity of component-resolved diagnosis in hymenoptera venom-allergic patients with elevated serum tryptase and/or mastocytosis.” Michel J, Brockow K, Darsow U, Ring J, Schmidt-Weber CB, Grunwald T, Blank S, Ollert M.
Allergy. 2016 Feb 2. doi: 10.1111/all.12850 Pubmed Link

The new publication co-authored by PLS-Design colleagues evaluates the advantages of component-resolved diagnosis for mastocytosis patients. Approximately 5% of patients suffering anaphylactic reactions due to strong allergy against hymenoptera venom allergy show an elevated baseline of serum tryptase (sBT) and/or mastocytosis.
The sIgE sensitization pattern and diagnostic sensitivity in hymenoptera venom-allergic patients with elevated sBT levels and/or mastocytosis was tested with a panel of recombinant yellow jacket and honeybee venom allergens on a widely used IgE immunoassay platform.
It could be shown that for these high risk patients with elevated sBT levels and/or mastocytosis the use of molecular components and decreasing the threshold sIgE level to 0.1 kUA /L may be needed to avoid otherwise undetectable IgE to hymenoptera venom extracts in about 8% of such patients.

The publication clearly proofs the potential value of recombinant allergens in allergy diagnostics, especially for high risk patients. PLS-Design has patent-protected several hymenoptera venom allergens.

See PLS-Design’s information about Companion Diagnostics (CDx) andRecombinant Allergens here.

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