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Technology Introduction

PLS-Design is developing several technologies to support the modulation of the immune system. Recent scientific findings provided more facts that a “simple” model of the immune system does not exist. The unfolding story of the interacting parts of the immune system seems much more complex than ever believed…but it also reflects the beautiness of nature’s strategies for survival.

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.  –  Charles Darwin

PLS-Design is considering this complexity in immune response and aims to modulate immune cells in the most fitting way:

  • Local Modulation
    By restricting the immune modulation to a localized format, systemic side reactions are essentially avoided. The modulation is induced locally, but the resulting changes in immune reaction will occur in the whole body. By focusing on local modulation and the use of thermosensitive hydrogels, higher concentrations and constant release rates of active substances can be safely reached.
    Read more in “Local Modulation”.

  • Tolerance Induction
    The induction of immune tolerance is aimed at with a multi-level approach, to avoid therapy failure by e.g. secondary pathways signalling. PLS-Design is simultaniously targeting gene transcription, receptor signalling and inhibition of peripheral “danger” signals.
    Read more in “Tolerance Induction”.

  • Novel Adjuvants
    In recent scientific findings the significant influence of the complement system on tolerance induction and vaccination has been highlighted. Complement system component 3 (C3) is the key player of the complement system. PLS-Design has developed technologies to inactivate C3 for tolerance induction or activate it for use as endogenous potent adjuvants in vaccinations.
    Read more in “Novel Adjuvants”.

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