Antibody Technologies

Antibody Technologies

Recombinant Antibodies

PLS-Design has extensive experience in cloning and expression of antibody related molecules. Besides the chimeric constructs AviQuant and AviLink, PLS-Design is also able to generate monoclonal recombinant antibodies. PLS-Design has created a set of monoclonal humanized IgE from mouse hybridoma lines.


PLS-Design has also generated chicken IgY constructs from mouse monoclonals. Such constructs exhibit significant advantages in diagnostic applications with liability issues, e.g. when re-testing for heterophilic interference is not desired or too cost-intensive.


If you have potential problems with liability prone assays, e.g. cardiovascular infarction or cancer diagnosis, switching to an IgY-format will significantely reduce your risks and improve assay performance.

Solve the heterophilic interference problem – IgY technology is the answer!

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