Artificial Control Sera: Enabling reliable quality control

Artificial Control Sera



PLS-Design has developed a chimeric molecule consisting of the high-affinity chicken IgY receptor and human IgE constant heavy chain antibody domains, named IgE-AviLink.

The molecule is able to bind IgY like the natural receptor and providing a antibody scaffolding for dimerisation. The attached human antibody domains can be utilized for specific detection with Anti-IgE-antibodies. In combination with polyclonal chicken IgY, generated against the molecule of choice, an artifical control sera can be generated.
A schematic for the applicationis given in the following graphic.


The method is:

  • easily adaptable to and compatible with existing detection systems/kits
  • cost-effective in generating large stocks of control sera
  • reducing the risk of human pathogenic contaminations in sera samples
  • providing the control sera with specificity and titer of choice
  • not limited to human IgE detection (available are IgG, IgM or IgA constructs)

Since the binding site resembles the natural receptor, quantification with IgE-AviQuant determines the “free” IgE, meaning non-receptor complexed IgE. This fact might not be important for normal serological test, but is potentially very interessting since it enables monitoring of patients with Anti-IgE treatments, providing the therapeutic antibody interfers with receptor binding.

You do not have to rely on nature to provide control sera – make your own – make a better one!


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