IgE Quantification: New quality in therapy monitoring

IgE Quantification



PLS-Design has developed a chimeric molecule consisting of the high-affinity alpha-subunit of the human IgE receptor and chicken IgY, called IgE-AviQuant.

The molecule is able to bind IgE like the natural receptor and providing a antibody scaffolding for dimerisation and improved background signal reduction. Chicken IgY are known for their reduced unspecific binding, presumably based on the distant evolutionary relationship to mammalian antibodies.

The molecule is also able to bind mouse IgE with high specificity and affinity.

Since the binding site resembles the natural receptor, quantification with IgE-AviQuant determines the “free” IgE, meaning non-receptor complexed IgE. This fact might not be important for normal serological tests, but is potentially very interessting since it enables monitoring of patients with Anti-IgE treatments, providing the therapeutic antibody interfers with receptor binding.

Take human & mouse IgE quantification to the next level – use IgE-AviQuant!

A POC lateral flow test utilizing IgE-AviQuant is provided by Milenia Biotec. See their “QuickLine Free IgE page” (External link).

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