Insect Allergy CDx : The Value of CDx in Insect Allergy

Insect Allergy CDx

Shown is the 3D structure of the honey bee allergen Api m 1.

Companion Diagnostics (CDx) can be an important aspect in acheiving improvements in therapy success or even mandatory in the context of personalized medicine.

Insect venom allergy, especially honey bee and wasp venom allergy, are quite common. Approximately 25% of the population are sensitized against these insect venoms. Most people will only experience mild allergic reactions, but 3-5% of the population will suffer more serious reactions, some will be life-threatining due to cardio-vascular failures. Insect venom might not be as common as hay fever, but the risks of anaphylactic shock reactions are much higer, therefore effective immunotherapy treatment of patients is desirable.

Recent studies of PLS-Design showed that a component-resolved allergen diagnostic, based on a panel of recombinant allergens is very helpful in guiding the therapy treatment to success. Studies showed that not all therapeutic product contain all allergens in comparable amounts and compositions.

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