Tolerance Induction : Local IL-4 inhibition

Tolerance Induction

Shown is the 3D structure of the human IL-4/IL-13 receptor binding IL-4 (red).

Effective tolerance induction is the aim of all immuno therapies. PLS-Design’s strategy is to reach this aim from several sides by employing a multi-level approach to tolerance induction. Blocking of receptors, like the important IL-4 receptor might be crucial, but not necessary sufficient. Additional interferences at the level of gene transcription and supression of environmental “danger signals” are used to control the tolerance induction in a safe way.

PLS-Design’s concept of local modulation of T cells makes use of the fact that the systemic application of immuno-modulatory substances is prone to generate adverse side effects. Not only inflammation reaction but also, more silently, autoimmune disorders. Local reactions can be better controlled and provide continously higher concentrations, than systemic. T cells, modulated in the local environment, will move through the organism and provide the changes in immune reaction also to distant locations.

Modulate locally – change the symptoms systemically.

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